Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Words of Wisdom #1

Today I have a quick tutorial that saved me money and my makeup! I always seem to drop my eyeshadow or blush, and end up having to buy a new one because it keeps breaking and goes everywhere. But I came across this super easy way to fix it! I tried it today on my broken blush, and it worked!

Find out how here

Here is a quick outfit taken from my not so nice camera. It's the only outfit I have to show, since the rest of mine are on my other camera which is still missing a cord!

Tomorrow I drive back to Ohio. I can't believe this month is almost over!


  1. Awesome tutorial!! I might just have to try that on a few of my eyeshadows. Thanks!

    You look adorable. Love that floral print skirt! :)

  2. this outfit is adorable! love your blog! super cute!

  3. You look so cute,
    adorable! :)

    Greetings, Bahar


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