Friday, July 1, 2011

Floral Friday

One of my favorite things to do is hang out with my best friends, Maggie and Lizzie. Yesterday, the two came over and we had a fabulous girls night! Complete with painting our nails and baking. It was perfect, and much needed. Life can get so hectic but being with my friends reminds me what life is all about, faith, love, and nail polish!

I'm obsessed with floral. Absolutely obsessed! I love everything floral, from dresses to shoes to jewelry. I own over a dozen floral dresses and it takes everything in my power not to buy more! They're perfect for summer, and since I am moving to Savannah, Georgia in September, I figure they will work much better there than in Ohio, where I currently live. I just love how youthful and feminine they are, and the prints are becoming more vintage, which I also love! (I keep using love, but I have to emphasize how much I adore floral!) Here's a collection of some of my favorite things. I wish I had the money to buy them all!

These are both from Etsy seller Jennifer Lilly Designs. I love everything of hers! Especially the pink one on the right. The shape is perfect and the pattern is so darling!


One of my favorite online shops is They have the perfect selection of unique and vintage inspired designs. But, if you love something you see, I suggest buying it asap, because everything sells out very quickly. I've waited too long on a few dresses, and when I went on to order them, they were sold out :/  For example, the last dress was just available when I started writing this blog 10 min ago! And now it's sold out!

Another great store is the FABULOUS forever21! I live by this store. It's perfect for a college student like me who doesn't have the money for expensive clothing. In fact, I recently ordered three dresses from them, and I wear them all the time! This is another store that sells out quickly, and has new items weekly, so don't wait too long to order! 4 things on my wish-list are already no longer for sale. 

Are there any other fabulous and inexpensive stores you guys know about? I'm always looking for new places to get cutes stuff!


  1. Absolutely fabulous taste love!!! Beauiful inside and out! Great post!!!

  2. Sounds like a fun girls night :)

    Love the dresses...especially the first two! Going to go check them out on Etsy now.

    And wow! Savannah, Georgia!! I've always wanted to visit - it looks like the ideal place to live :)


  3. Thank you guys!
    And I'm transferring to a college down in Savannah, SCAD. It's gorgeous! You should definitely visit!

  4. Oh my gosh! I love the Jennifer Lilly dresses, esp the second one, though I am having trouble to find it on her site. I'm headed to UK next week, so I think I'll have to buy one!!!
    PS thanks for the follow on tumblr ;)

  5. I just checked, and that dress sold :/ Here is a link to it though!


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