Monday, July 25, 2011

Simply Bloom

So I'm still waiting for my USB cord to come in the mail so I can post pictures! So many outfits, all waiting to be taken off my camera! So expect a huge update Wednesday or Thursday. I've been under the weather the past few days, so I pretty much just slept around all day. As much as I hate being lazy, it was relaxing to do nothing but sleep and eat crackers. 

I also watched the show Sweet Home Alabama. It's like the bachelorette, but with southern men vs. city men. And I must say, I looove myself a southern boy! I love the traditions of yes mam, no mam, opening doors, and loving to play football and cook. So needless to say, it's my new guilty pleasure! I must say, I am a lucky girl because I found myself a southern gentleman in Ohio!

I came across this AMAZING photography duo, Vania and Christine, which make up Simply Bloom Photography. I love wedding photography so much, and their work is elegant and beautiful. 

Here is a wedding from their blog that I am in love with. Everything about this wedding is perfect. From the hair and shoes, to the chocolate mustaches. 

So amazing, right?


  1. Gorgeous photos!
    Love the pics where the puppy is included! ♥

    Glad to meet you through the Etsy Blog Team...
    I am your newest blog follower! :)

    Looking forward to your upcoming posts.
    I welcome you to visit my blog, too.

    Mary C. Nasser

  2. Stunning photo's!
    Just came across your blog and I love it :)


  3. amazing post! I really love it!!!

  4. Gorgeous pictures, great post! really love it! thank you xx Joice


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