Thursday, July 14, 2011

Harry Potter!

I'm in love with Harry Potter. Love is an understatement actually. I have been reading them since they came out, and I remember being so young, but yet loving the challenge of reading a much harder book. I have grown up with the series, and have always gone to midnight screenings of the movies, and would get the books at mignight. I would stay up and read the book cover to cover once I got it, and I have read the whole series easily over 50 times. I re read the series at least once a year. So yeah, I'm kind of obsessed. And to celebrate the last movie (which I know will make me cry), I found some great Harry Potter items!

Can't wait for the movie tonight at midnight!

Here is my shirt I made in 8th grade for one of the movie premiers. I am a Slytherin girl, I love my Draco :)

Click on the picture to see the item for sale!




Here are some cute cupcakes from the blog Cupcakes Take The Cake. Arn't they fabulous! And I bet delicious! They're from the bakery PJ's Baby Cakes

Here is this AMAZINGLY awesome nail tutorial from one of my favorite sites, beautylish. They have amazing makeup, hair and nail tutorials. Here is the link!

Here is the outfit from today! Yesterday was the 9 hour drive from Georgia to Virginia, so no outfit.

Behind me is my dad's magnolia tree. One of my favorite flowers!

This is when Mutlee ran into the yard haha.

My baby girl :)

My dad wanted to be on my blog, hehe, I'm not sure if he even knows what a blog is!

Anyone else going to see Harry Potter at midnight?


  1. Thank you for featuring my "Snowy Owl Bracelet" I'm honored, and yes I'm on my way to see the Midnight showing of "Harry Potter" It has been tradition for my three daughters and I to see the midnight showing. Now my daughters are all grown up and so is Harry! This will be the last one for us to see together! Oh what ever will we do with out magic :(

  2. I'm going to see Harry Potter this weekend...can't wait!!! Mutlee is way too cute. Great blog, I'm following :)


  3. I did with my Daughter and her friend, both 17. The wait was long, but the people watching/costumes was quite entertaining.. The movie was awesome!


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