Thursday, July 28, 2011

Finally! More outfits!

Well, I'm back in O-H-I-O! And that means my camera cord! So I finally have a few outfits up to show!
I started work today, and I must say, I love my job! I work for a Milliner, so I get some amazing hands on experiencing making a variety of hats. My hands were raw and black from blocking sinamay, but I love it :) It really is such a rewarding experience seeing a hat go from fabric to a finished creation.

A hat makes any outfit! I mean, who doesn't love the classic look of a beautiful straw hat in the summer!

She always wants to be in my pictures!

Mutlee baby :)

A little blurry, taken from my digital camera.
This is a dress I just purchased from Target!

I'm slowly catching up! Only 10 outfits to go! 


  1. Seriously.. I LOVE all your outfits!
    Very stylish :)

    so happy to have come across your blog.
    follow each other? <3

    Lots of love


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