Monday, July 18, 2011

Feathery Flair

So Mutlee and my cat's still dont get along. It's a gotten a lot better though, and the cats now roam the house freely. But Peaches still hides in my room when Mutlee barks. So the past few days have been me and Peaches all day long! So for meow monday, I feature the always beautiful, Peaches!

Today I went out to lunch with the family, and got a picture with my beautiful Omi (grandma in German) and her twin Erika. My Grandmother and Great Aunt are such an inspiration. They are beautiful women who lived in Berlin, Germany during WWII and lost their home, school, everything to the war. But they remained strong, and came to America and prospered. 

Erika on the left, Omi on the right. 

Here is this ahhmmaaziiinnng tutorial on how to make a feathered hair accessory from Promise Tangeman Blog. Feathers are so in right now, and a few of my friends have feather extensions in their hair and it looks so good! But this is a great option for someone who wants the look, without paying to get them in and taking care of them.

1. INGREDIENTS: old t-shirt, hair clips, scissors, super glue, twine, and feathers.
2.CUT/RIP T-SHIRT INTO STRIPS. I chose a black T-shirt because I wanted just a subtle look in my hair. I cut/ripped 3 different lengths of fabric. One really long one, one medium length and one shorter one. I even added some knots and tied ends together for a detailed look.
3. ATTACH T-SHIRT FABRIC TO CLIP. Using the twine I simply tied and tightly knotted the fabric onto the end of the clip.
4. WRAP TWINE AROUND T-SHIRT STRIPS.Wind the twine around all three fabric pieces separately. I wound certain parts tighter than others to add more interest.
5. GLUE THE FEATHER. Super glue the end of the feather.
6. ATTACH FEATHER. Slip the super glued feather through the wrapped twine.
7. SECURE FEATHER. Secure the feather again with a snippet of twine. Knot it good, just to be sure.
8. REPEAT THE PROCESS. Repeat steps 4-7 until you have the desired amount of feathers and twine on your hair piece. I used about 3-5 feathers on each t-shirt strip.

I can't wait to make this!


  1. wow that feather thing is awesome!!
    and I love that pic of you and your Omi and her twin! so cute! that's crazy that they were in Germany during WWII. My sisters and I actually grew up in Germany, we all live in the States now...well, except the youngest, she still lives in Germany.
    oh, and your cat is so cute! :)

    Notes She Wrote

  2. I just love your infectious smile!
    You're so pretty! pink is defenitely you color!

    I hope we can be blogger friends.:)

  3. This feather headpiece looks amazing, can't wait to try it out!! Thanks for sharing :)


  4. Your blog is great! I love that feather thing! And you're from Ohio?! Awesome! You should join our mail swap or the Collective!

  5. you have a great blog! please check out my blog and follow if you like, I promise to do the same for you! xx

  6. ahh, i love this! i want to make one now! thanks for the blog lovin'!

  7. That looks fantastic and thank you for following my blog followed yours xx


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