Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Words of Wisdom #4

Life has been so overwhelming lately. I've been running around trying to finish projects and adjust to my new life here in Savannah. I am so blessed to have kind and caring roommates, and I've already made some good friends. But I still miss Ohio, and most importantly I miss my connection with the Lord. I know that in a time like this I should turn to Him more, but I have strayed away and need to find Him again. I signed up for a Bible study (A GREAT way to fellowship with women) and I'm so excited to be strengthened with his grace. I know through Him I will succeed.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pink in Savannah

Hello All :)

Live has been so crazy, SCAD really overwhelms their students with projects. I wasn't home all week, and I missed my roommates. They are so sweet, my roommate Meghan made me a cake since I've been so stressed! I'm so blessed that I got kind and caring roommates, were all here for each other in this crazy experience! 

Here are some better pictures of my room all done!
I want to branch out the wall of images, so it takes over more wall space. I just need to get more things! The ceilings are really high, so I thought the chinese lanters would show them off.

I put together the black and wood shelf myself, and I'm pretty proud of it! It wasn't hard, but I'm not the best with building things so it was nice to accomplish something!

A closeup of the lanterns! 

It's very pink, but I like it :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

A one of a kind wedding

I saw on the news the other day about a wedding of a classmate from Highschool. I thought of it as a typical wedding, but than I watched the video and read the article, and realized this was truly special.

The brides husband is battling a life threatening brain tumor, and thanks to the amazing kindness of local businesses and donations, they were able to have their dream wedding paid for. They contacted Wish Upon A Wedding, a non-profit organization that "provides weddings and vow renewals for couples facing terminal illness serious life altering circumstances". Seeing how a girl my age, and someone I knew in High School, could be so strong and full of love to accept her partner for his illness, and never let it shatter their love. It truly is such a beautiful love story. 

See more pictures after the jump!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Savannah Dreaming

Well, I should be in class, but it got canceled! So I'm finally free to blog! I've missed looking around at peoples posts, I feel so behind.

Here is a sneak peak of my room! I still have to get a bookshelf and chair, then ill post more pictures :) It's quite messy in this picture, it was taken the day I moved in!

My chinese lantern inspiration came from here!

On another topic, I've entered my first giveaway! So excited, especially because it is to win a work of one of my favorite artists  Katie Daisy. If you want to enter, head over here to enter!

I can't decide what my favorite print is!

I love this one.. (gotta love my new home!)

And this one I've always admired!

And this quote I have hanging in my room!

Which is your favorite Katie Daisy work? You can check out all her prints on her Etsy site!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Paper Source Colorscope

Hello! I am sooo busy in Savannah! It's crazy! I still need to take pictures to show you guys my new room. I already have a ton of homework and projects, and it's just week one! But it's an art school so I need to get used to it. Have you guys been feeling overwhelmed with back to school? The first few weeks are so crazy until you get settled in. 

I've been really into color schemes, and I already have on project where I'll need to weave multiple patterns while telling a color story. No idea what colors to use! This chart is making me love the sunshine and curry and the pool and bluebell.

Click on a larger picture here!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Golden Treasury

Hello :) I'm on my way to Savannah! I'll be moving in tomorrow, so exciting!

I have been very fortunate enough to have my golden shoe clips featured in two lovely treasuries!

Treasury number one!

Isn't this beautiful? Such perfect colors for fall. It makes me feel so warm inside :)

Treasure number two!

I just love those hair feathers, and the hair bow! To die for!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Ruffled Lamp DIY Tutorial - Pinterest Challenge!

Have you heard of the Pinterest Challenge? If you love Pinterest, and creating new things, it's a great way to get you motivated! I decided to take the challenge myself, and turn a boring simple lamp into a beautiful ruffled lampshade.

Using this inspiration:

 I will show you how to turn this:

Into this!

For under $15!

It takes under an hour, and is so simple! I promise :)

See how to do it after the jump!