Saturday, July 9, 2011

New Doggie & A classic car show

So we found a doggie! Her name is Mutlee, and she's an American Eskimo/ White Terrier mix. She's very rowdy, but my dad wanted a wild and happy dog because we have a huge yard for her to play in, and he wants to take her on walks. We found her on Craigslist and drove an hour to Maryland to get her. And honestly, the lady lied about her. She said she was trained and knew the word NO but instead she is not trained at all.. so now we have to take her to puppy training school. She listens to my boyfriend and dad quite well, but not so much to me. Maybe I'm not commanding enough with my voice.

Day 6's outfit is featured with the new Mutlee! I'm a few days behind, summer is lazy and I like to lounge in pajamas.

This morning me and Woody (my boyfriend) were woken by Mutlee at 4 AM. She decided to wake up and want to play, while neither of us wanted too. But my dad sleeps through anything, and of course did not even move when she barked. So we were early risers today.

It worked out though, because me, my dad, and Woody had plans to get up at 6 and go to this local cafe to see classic and rare cars. People come out every Saturday and park and let people oohh and aww at their cars. Some of them I have never seen in real life, like a Lotus. They are GORGEOUS and to see how tiny they are.. it's incredible! I'm a huge car lover, and seeing my dream cars up close is amazing! I could go on for hours and bore you with stuff about the horse power and engines but I'll stop, haha!

Lotus Elise

Chrysler prowler roadster

Audi R8. 

Antique F1 Ford Pickup

Just a few of my favorites!

Tomorrow me and Woody are waking up at 3 AM to go to Savannah Georgia! I'm praying for a quick, and safe trip :)

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  1. The pup is soooo cute! Maybe once the craziness of a new home and new people sink in she will start responding to commands and what not.

    PS - have fun in Savannah - it's gorgeous and there is so much to do there! If you're spending some time there make sure to go to Forsyth Park there is a gorgeous fountain there!


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