Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day Four And Makeup Tutorial

I love makeup, and learning new makeup tricks! One blog that shows great tutorials Ali Grace's blog! She always makes her tutorials really easy to understand, and includes pictures with each step. One that I absolutely love is natural bronze look, perfect for summer! Here is a link to it!

Here is look number four! It's the first time I've worn these black shorts! Still had the tag on them haha. 

I also wen't to the mall, and got a few items, and I know I shouldn't be buying anything, but Old Navy was having a huge clearance sale! I saved 75% off of everything, and got 4 things for under $30!

All of these cute tops were $3.73 each!

I also got this fabulous deep V neck romper for $8.75 (originally $35). I normally look awful in rompers (I am super short. Like under 5 feet short) And rompers normally make me look wide and short. But the deep V neck in this one, and a drawstring waist makes it look like two separate pieces, and elongates my body. Always a plus!

Did you guys find any great after 4th of July sales?


  1. SUPER CUTE OUTFIT! Love that top! Thanks for the shout out on the makeup tutorial! Your a sweetie!

    Ali XOXO

  2. very cute. Love the frilly top and the kitty!

  3. Lovely pictures! Hehe, I work at Old Navy and we're still having our 75% off sale. It was definitely one of our best sales of the year but we are running out of product so quickly! :)


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