Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What I made Wednesday!

I had a busy day crafting today! I had a lot of inspiration from a recent shopping trip to this vintage craft store. I got a great selection of flowers and buttons straight from the 50's!

Here are a few things I made, that I will be posting on my Etsy soon!

Here are some shoe clips I made! They are super easy to make at home! You make fabric yo-yo's like I talked about here! Once you have your yo-yo made, you sew it to a show clip and voila! Instant shoe accessory that everyone will admire!

These are some earrings I made from vintage buttons and handmade flowers. The white roses are handmade by me, and I will be putting them up for sale tonight!

These are two hair clips I made from fabric flowers and fabric yo-yo's. (Yo-yo's are so versatile!) These would look lovely either worn one at a time, or wearing both! I can see these on the side of a messy bun, to add some extra glamour to a simple up do! Hair clips are always my go to on a lazy day when I don't want to do my hair. They can turn a messy bun into something summery and elegant!

Enjoy :)

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