Friday, June 24, 2011

Pink Sperrys UPDATE

They came in the mail today.. and they fit :):):) A tiny bit snug, but i'm going to wear them everyday until they fit perfect!

So I was going to buy a pair of pink Sperrys like these...
and had them in my shopping bag at since everywhere else they were sold out in my size, 6.5 (I'm normally a 7 but they said to order a half size smaller) but right as I clicked order, they were sold out! I even called zappos and they couldn't help me :/ so I had to order a size 6. I hope they fit! I checked everywhere, from amazon to ebay to Sperry's website. So i'm stuck with a size 6. 

 Has anyone had this problem, where right as they were ordering an item, and they sold out? Or, does anyone have Sperry's? Do they stretch out well?


  1. Hi! I'm a new follower, I found you on the Etsy Blog Team, I love the shoes!
    Unfortunately I can't offer any help on the Sperry questions but I recently ordered a pair of shoes off Zappos that also said to order a half size smaller (I'm normally a 6) so I lucked out and found a 5.5 but even with the half size smaller the shoes could still have been smaller because shoes do stretch for the most part.
    I hope you get a happy surprise of them fitting or stretching at least!


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