Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Double Treasury/ Meow Tuesday

I was out of town this weekend for a wedding, so I wasn't able to post a meow monday! But it's a good thing I waited because I got the funniest picture this morning! I went to the bathroom, and my cat Emma was sitting in the shower! She loves, loves showers. It's kind of strange really. Any time she hears the shower, she runs to the bathroom and will try to get in. Let me tell you, it's awkward taking a shower with a cat. She gets wet, and doesn't even care. However, my other cat Phoebe, hates water. Get a tiny bit of water on her and she freaks out.

I'm also happy to announce I was featured in a few treasuries this weekend!

Here is a link to my blue shoes listed!

Here is a link to my yellow shoe clips!

Do any of you have cats that like water? Isn't it the strangest thing?!


  1. Congrats on the two treasuries!
    Yes! My cat Benny gets in the tub all the time. He knows my routine so it's become his routine that every morning when I start to get ready for work...he high tails it to the shower and jumps on the ledge so he can sit there. I always give him water out of my hand while he is likes the fresh awater I guess. Weird little cats.

  2. How cute! Yes, I have a couple cats that like water! My cat Kee-Kee loves to watch the water in the shower and eventually will stick his paw in and play with it. He also loves to catch frogs at the tank. My other cat Sissy will just sit in sprinkler and get soaking wet! Maybe it's because we live in Tx. =)


  3. thank you! I think my cat likes to drink the water too, because she likes to sit under the faucet and lick it. Cat's are so weird about their water. They always have water in their bowl, but whenever they see a cup of water, or a sink, they have to drink out of it! Like it's special water or something. It's crazy!

  4. Haha!! My Jinx is kind of like that! He loves to sit between the curtains when someone is in the shower. And taking a bath? Expect him to be splashing in the water with his paws! Crazy animals....


  5. I love the name Jinx! Such a great kitty name!


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