Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Words of Wisdom #4

Life has been so overwhelming lately. I've been running around trying to finish projects and adjust to my new life here in Savannah. I am so blessed to have kind and caring roommates, and I've already made some good friends. But I still miss Ohio, and most importantly I miss my connection with the Lord. I know that in a time like this I should turn to Him more, but I have strayed away and need to find Him again. I signed up for a Bible study (A GREAT way to fellowship with women) and I'm so excited to be strengthened with his grace. I know through Him I will succeed.


  1. such an inspiring words :D

  2. :) be positive
    you'll do just fine my love

    that's a really nice quote

    happy hump day!


  3. That is a very encouraging version of that verse! I needed to be reminded of that today!

  4. Good for you! Always stay sensitive to Gods voice and he will always have a reason to keep speaking to your heart :) praying for you! Thanks for inspiring me in my own walk. Xoxo


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