Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pink in Savannah

Hello All :)

Live has been so crazy, SCAD really overwhelms their students with projects. I wasn't home all week, and I missed my roommates. They are so sweet, my roommate Meghan made me a cake since I've been so stressed! I'm so blessed that I got kind and caring roommates, were all here for each other in this crazy experience! 

Here are some better pictures of my room all done!
I want to branch out the wall of images, so it takes over more wall space. I just need to get more things! The ceilings are really high, so I thought the chinese lanters would show them off.

I put together the black and wood shelf myself, and I'm pretty proud of it! It wasn't hard, but I'm not the best with building things so it was nice to accomplish something!

A closeup of the lanterns! 

It's very pink, but I like it :)


  1. :) how cute that your roommate made you a cake!
    little things like that make us girls really happy :)

    nice pictures of your room hun
    i really love the lanterns


  2. So cute!! I love pink :)

    And your blog of course.


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