Friday, August 12, 2011

Treasury Listings!

This week has been amazing for me in the treasury department! 3 of my items have been featured, and I love all of the themes of the treasuries! I'm going to have to start making them, I love to put together pieces from all across etsy. 

The first one is a Smurf collection. So awesome! Click on the image to view the treasury. Don't you just love all the blues?

Next is an amazing Indian summer collection. I love all the golds, it's such a beautiful mix! Click on the picture to see the treasury. I'm obsessed with the vintage repurposed necklace!

And my listing here are my golden shoe clips!

And the most recent one is the super fun, and fabulous collection called Fairy Floss! Features my two favorite colors, pink and soft blue! Click on the link to see the treasury :)

My piece here is the cotton candy inspired hair clip!

Hope you guys like everything as much as I did! Check these out and support handmade art :)

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