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Interview with Ali Grace!

Hey everyone! Life is still crazy over here. I move to Georgia next Thursday, so my life has been a whirlwind of getting ready for the big move! I promise I will be updating more once things slow down.

BUT! I am so excited for today's interview with the fabulous beauty and fashion blogger, Ali Grace! I asked her a lot of questions, and I learned SO MUCH! Especially on types of foundations and dark under eye circles (I am going to buy Vitamin K supplements ASAP!) So girls, get ready to learn a TON of new things!

Q:What would you suggest is the best affordable foundation (type, and brand) for humid weather. One that won't leave you greasy and run off.

A: Actually, in humid weather there are two options. With one option I can suggest a brand-because of personal use-the other option I don' t have a specific brand, but I do have a specific type.
Option1: I don't recommend even wearing foundation...for both people with clear skin and skin challenges, I recommend, covering skin challenges with a cover stick (like Cover Girls CG Smoothers cover stick-has GREAT coverage and costs around 5.50) and then after you have covered those imperfections and dark circles, add a light layer of mineral powder over your face. The powder wont melt in the the humidity as much and it should absorb some of that shine! A good mineral powder is either bare minerals, which yes, are a little pricey, but they should last for about 3 months if used properly, or there are other mineral powder brands you can try to just pick up at your local grocery if you would like to spend less.
option2: If you HAVE to wear foundations and can't live without them, I don't have a specific brand for you, but what I can tell you is what kinds you need to be looking for.
1) a translucent foundation-these are made for people with clear skin that just want a tint of color. They are light like a lotion.
2)tinted lotions-again these usually work best on people with clear skin, but you can use a cover stick after applying the foundation, if you have skin imperfections.
3)Lastly-for both clear skin and challenged skin, use a OIL FREE foundation. This usually works best for those with skin challenges. You can use a cover stick where needed, apply light cover of foundation, then retouch with cover stick where needed.

Q:What is the best affordable foundation for dry weathered fall?
A:For this question, again, I am a mineral powder girl, but I can help with type!
Option1: find a tinted lotion-this will moisturize and add color. This can be combined with a cover stick to cover imperfections, so it works well for all skin types. (just make sure that if you suffer from break outs, you buy one that is made for oily skin or one that is oil free)
Option2: Buy a age preventing foundation. These are designed to be ULTRA hydrating, because they are used to fight aging. This will help condition and hydrate the skin.
(again if you suffer from skin challenges, watch to be sure you get an oil free version or a safe for oily skin version so you don't have trouble with breakouts.)

Q:What type of blush do you recommend, a cream, liquid or a powder?

A: Well, there is a time and place for both of course. But I would have to say my pick is DEFINITELY a GEL blush. Cream blushes I like. but they tend to leave a film on the face. I don't care for the feeling. Liquid blushes can be great, because they absorb, however they tend to be hard to put on correctly. Gel blush allows for the semi permanent nature of a liquid blush, while maintaining the ease to apply like a cream. The gel applies easily and then it dries and absorbs giving you glow that lasts all day! 
(Gel blush is also VERY good for those with skin trouble. Powder often clogs the pores.) There is a great gel blush! The brand is Pixi and can be found at super Target! LOVE it! Great wear and great colors!

Q:What are your suggestions for dark under eye circles? What is the best product to cover them?
A:Suggestions for preventing them are: buy a vitamin K supplement (this helps reduce dark circles from the inside out by increasing circulation.) poor circulation under the eye is where the circles come from, so stimulating the circulation there is really where it's at! If you don't care for taking vitamins, another GREAT option is, find an eye cream that has vitamin K in it and use it daily. After a few weeks you will notice a BIG difference.
Makeup Options:To best cover dark circles, get a concealer stick that is 1 shade LIGHTER than your skin and apply before foundation. This brightens up the eye as well as covers the circles. :)

Q:What color is the "It" color for fall when it comes to eyeshadow and lipstick?
EYES: ANYTHING Metallic and ANYTHING smokey. I have been doing my homework for fall looks for some blogs I am working on. Shimmery silver/grey smokey looks are AWESOME right now and also shimmer bronze looks are also on the list of AMAZING! Basically just think "Shimmer" and "smokey" and you will be on the right track with whatever options you choose.
Lipstick:RED and NUDES are hot right now. Be careful when combining your smokey shadows with your lipstick. If your shadow is brownish, you should use a nude color for lipstick. If you go with grey tones, you can get away with the reds! :) You can also wear the nude lip colors with grey.

Q:For hair, what is your favorite fall hairstyle?
A:I LOVE to go with curly style for fall. It is no longer hot/humid outside, so you can FINALLY get away with those curls! Often times too, if you curl your hair, you can sleep on it a day or two and just re-touch it up for the next day! So nice to avoid the hassle of redoing your hair every day!

Q:Also, are there any hair trends that you really love? Like feathers, or pops of color?
OH MY! LOADED QUESTION! Long hair-go light on the layers, mostly long-one length hair-Also, feathering the hair is a great look! Anything "vintage" is hot right now. And with long hair you can experiment with braids! Those are going to be all the rage this fall! So get creative with braids!!!
Medium hair: The bob is in right now-if you can believe it! VINTAGE IS THE GAME!
Short hair: The pixie cut is back in!
Colors: Red hues (such as actual red or red browns.) and Peroxide blonds :)

Q:What do you think is the best method to tease your hair? There are combs, and bristle combs, but which is better at creating volume?
A: I don't think you need any special product or tool. Those can help if you are not sure of yourself, but if you are good with your own hair, you just need a can of spray and a fine tooth comb to do the job. The rule of thumb is, the more volume you want, the more you tease! Also, half way through and at the very end, shoot some spray under your hair-where you are teasing. Then when finished-after you have smoothed and arranged hair, push hair up in the back, spray and hold for a few seconds to let dry. This should hold well. :)

Q:How can I freshen up my hair and give it body mid day, or after a workout?
A:For straight hair: If your hair is straight, you can liven it up by these three key things
1)body spritz: spray some body spray in your hair. Covers up the sweat smell and makes you smell and feel clean. We all know feeling clean is most important. :)
2)take your flat iron and run it through the top part of hair, pulling UP at the root to add some volume in.
3)tease and spray under any remaining areas that need volume.
For curly or wavy styles:
1)same as before, spritz your hair with body spray.
2)depending on how your hair held up, I would recommend adding some random curls to freshen and then redo your bangs. Bangs are KEY and they ALWAYS make your hair look more clean and styled.
3)tease and spray under hair.

Q:When I wash my hair at night, it ends up limp in the morning. How can I prevent this?
A:If you are styling your hair straight, you should try not to sleep on it. Your hair really needs the blow dryer. If you need to shower at night though, Just twist your hair up into a tight bun for the night. It will be mostly dry in the morning, but will still have enough dampness in it, that you can run a quick blow drying through it to dry it and liven it back up.
Curly Hair Styles: This is easier. Just add curl to it in the morning, making sure you focus on small sections when you curl. (the more curls, the more volume.) then Tease the back/sides a little more than usual to lift that stubborn hair. You can also lightly tease and spray under bangs to lift those puppies up.

Q:What are this falls nail color trends?
A:The good news is, I am also writing a post about this right now! So I have the skinny!!!
colors:Metallic: drab metallic green. (metallic nails are a must!) bronze metallic, silver metallic and red metallic.(any bright-gem stone colored metallic is in!)
Naturals-You REALLY have to rock the naturals! Flesh tone matte polish is SO in! Especially in Greige! (mix of grey, tan and brown.)
Shape: I saw A LOT of Oval shaped nails this year.
Nail Art: Also, nail art is OFF THE CHAIN this year! So get creative with those fingers and toes!
 A really easy way to cheat some serious nail art is:1) to paint nails a solid color.
2)then paint the tips (almost looking like a french manicure, but not as precise.) I'll do a nail post about it in a week or two. ;)
3)then line 3/4 of the big toe-at separation line of the two colors, with little diamonds! This look just ROCKS in black base with a turquoise crackle and white diamonds!

Q:Do you have a "secret weapon" product for makeup and hair?
A: ABSOLUTELY DO! The hair wheel is my dirty little secret! It's an AMAZING cheat tool for girls in a hurry! Visit this link for an idea of how to use a hair wheel. ;)

(I have totally done this hair style! -Adrienna)

Well I hope I answered all your questions well enough! Thanks for having me Adrienna! Enjoy creating with makeup and hair girls!!!
Ali Grace XOXO

Another THANK YOU to the fabulous Ali, she was so kind and sweet, and I LOVE her blog. I always learn something new, whether its cooking, fashion, or makeup!


  1. I learned SO much! Thanks for these great tips!!
    I'm with you girl! After work I'm going straight to the store and buying some vitamin k. hehehe

  2. Thank you guys :) I'm glad you loved it!

  3. And I went out yesterday and got my Vitamin K :)


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